ISPADA Israeli Planning, Architecture and Development in Africa
82 Government Apartments
Zalman Enav and Michael Tedros Architects and Urban Planners
Zalman and Ruth Enav Architects ArchiveKeren Kuenberg for ISPADA
ethiopia | 1962
The apartment building, holding 82 split-level apartments, was designed for Government and U.N personnel. All of the apartments are split-level, stretching the full depth of the building with rooms on the two elevations of the building. The five story building has two corridors served by glass elevators in the center. The building was finished with mosaics and  a traditional ornament above the commercial floor.

The apartment building was built as the first phase of a larger design, including several residential towers and a commercial and public center. The building includes mainly small units for singles and 2-3 room apartments with two levels. The reasoning behind the planning of this type was climate, landscape and economic sensibility. The building includes stores on the ground floor.

From: “Enav Planning Group” brochure.