ISPADA Israeli Planning, Architecture and Development in Africa
Terms of use
The Digital Archive contains visual and textual materials with historic and academic value to the research of the reciprocal relationship between Israel and Africa in the field of planning and architectural knowledge. The Archive was created as the result of an ongoing academic research, and is also meant to serve as a platform for the creation of a public and academic discourse revolving this important chapter of Israeli history. The Archive is a work in progress and is constantly changing.

The Materials included in the Digital Archive are taken from different sources as elaborated in the site, sources which hold the exclusive copyrights for those materials. Any use in the materials - including reproduction, distribution, public display and adaptation - requires the fulfilment of the conditions determined by the original copyrights owners. The creators of the Digital Archive do not hold any responsibility for copyright infringement by users of this site.

During the gathering of the items we worked to locate the owners of the copyrights documents and materials that uploaded to the site. However, if you believe that the publication of any material on the site infringes any of your rights or hurts you in another way, please contact us as soon as possible.