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Prof. Haim Yacobi is based at the Department of Politics and Government at Ben Gurion University. He is an architect who specialized in urban and political geography, and the head of the ISAPDA research project supported by the Israeli Science Foundation and the German-Israeli Foundation. The main issues that stand in the center of his research interest in relation to the urban space are social justice, the politics of identity, migration, and colonial planning. His work has been published widely in some of the leading journals. His latest books are Israel and Africa: A Genealogy of Moral Geography (Routledge 2016); Rethinking Israeli Space: Periphery and Identity (Routledge 2011 with Erez Tzfadia) and The Jewish-Arab City: Spatio-Politics in a Mixed Community (Routledge 2009).

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Keren Kuenberg is an architect graduated from the Architecture Department at the Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design, Jerusalem. Working as an assistant-tutor at Bezalel and a research assistant at Ben Gurion University. Keren investigating the building project of the Ethiopian Church in Jerusalem and the architectural relationship between Africa and Israel.

Roi Milgalter is a freelance web sites and applications designer and developer, Specialized in php, html5, mysql, javascript, and actionscript.

Dr. Hadas Shadar is an architect, a researcher and a senior lecturer in the NB Haifa School of Design. Shadar specialized in the history of the public housing in Israel and published academic and non-academic papers on the subject. Her researches are focused on the Israeli Architecture as a part of ideology and culture, from the establishment of the state to the present day. Shadar is a co-founder of the Society for the Promotion of the Brutalistic Architectural Heritage in Israel. She is a co-developed a website on the subject. Since 2010 Shadar is the Conservation adviser of the master plans for Pardes Hanna-Karkur and Zichron Yaacov.

books: The Construction of the Public Housing: six decades of urban construction initiated by the state of Israel (Ministry of Construction and Housing, 2014)
Beer-Sheva: Brutalist and Neo-Brutalist Architecture (Bauhaus publication, 2014)
The Website of the Society for the Promotion of the Brutalistic Architectural Heritage in Israel:
Debby Farber is a scholar and curator. Her PhD research in the department of Politics and Government in Ben Gurion, supervised by Prof. Haim Yaacobi and Prof. Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin, concerns the performative practices of border in relation to archival images of the built landscape in the state of Israel, taken between 1949-1967. Debby is interested in the linkages between Visual Culture, History and Political Geography focusing on the visual historiography of Israel/Palestine. She completed her MA with distinction in the Cultural Studies Program from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and BA in Fine Arts from the Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design, Jerusalem.
Elya Lucy Milner received a B.Arch degree (magna cum laude) from Tel Aviv University,and after a few years of practicing as an architect is now a research student at the Department of Politics and Government at Ben Gurion University. Her research focuses on extra-legal living spaces, (un)recognition, entitlement and sovereignty in Israel-Palestine.

Dr. Chen Misgav is a town planner and geographer. His work focuses on social and cultural geographies, working with communities, qualitative methodologies, spatial activism and social movements, feminist and queer geographies and identity politics. Chen graduated his MSc in the Town and Regional planning program at the Technion where he wrote his thesis on the perceptions and needs of LGBT people in the urban space of Tel-Aviv. He wrote his PhD in the department of Geography and Human environment and the PECLAB (Planning with Communities for the Environment) at Tel-Aviv University, Israel and his PhD research titled "Spatial Activism: Perspectives of Body, Identity and Memory" was conducted under the supervision of Prof. Tovi Fenster. Chen published some journal papers and book chapters in Hebrew, Italian and English and co-edited special issue of Hagar - Studies in Culture, Polity and Identities on gender and geography. He is currently a post-doctoral fellow in the department of Politics and Government in Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Research Fellow in Minerva center for the Humanities in Tel-Aviv University.

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Dr. Smadar Sharon is a sociologist who teaches at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Tel Aviv University, at the College of Management Academic Studies School of Design, and at the Department of Interior Building and Environment Design at Shenkar Academic College. Her fields of expertise are political and historical sociology, sociology of urban space, sociology of immigration, ethnic relations and the Israeli­Arab conflict. She published several articles in refereed journals. Her book on the planning and settlement of the Lakhish region in the 1950s is forthcoming from Pardes Publishing House. Her article "The dialectic between Modernization and Orientalization – Ethnicity and Work Relations in the 1950s Lakhish Region Project" is forthcoming in Ethnic and Racial Studies.
Dr. Moriel Ram​ is a post doc in the department of architecture and town planning in the Technion - Israel's Technological Institute. His research interests lie at the intersection of colonial geographies and spatial identities; urbanization processes effects on religious institutions in the city, and representations of monstrosities in popular geopolitical discourses. Past and current research has focused on normalization process of contested territories by comparing the Golan Heights and Northern Cyprus; Israel's involvement in the formation of medical spaces in Africa; Contested urban environments and religious communal identity in Israel's mixed cities; and representation of undead spaces in popular geopolitical discourses. Moriel holds a PhD in politics and governance and from Ben Gurion University, Israel.