ISPADA Israeli Planning, Architecture and Development in Africa
IFE university Master Plan
Arieh Sharon
nigeria | 1972
The master plan for Ife University in Nigeria – the main University of the country's Western Region- was planned by Arieh Sharon in 1972. Sharon also planned the university’s main buildings. The Sharon Archive describes the main challenge dealt with in the planning of the campus as related to density mobility: “The main architectural problems were those of centralization or dispersion, considering the local conditions and new trends in universities throughout the world, towards intensity and integration. The final decision was that the campus itself should be as compact as the climate conditions allowed, while the residential quarters could be situated at some distance from the campus, the student quarters within bicycle distance and the staff quarters in motoring distance. The core and the various faculties, on the other hand, are in easy reach and walking distance of each other, providing students and professors with ample opportunities for informal personal contact.”

from Arieh and Eldar Sharon Archive