ISPADA Israeli Planning, Architecture and Development in Africa
Fiberglass Igloos in Sharem-El-Sheik
Arieh and Eldar Sharon
Moshe Milner- Government Press Office- D320-126
sinai | 1972
The Egged Hotel was planned by Arieh and Eldar Sharon in Sharm-El-Sheik, Sinai Desert, in 1972. It consisted of 30 bungalows made of fiberglass, placed in two parallel rows and separated by a shaded walk. The hotel also contained a two-story dining hall and a tree-story building with 75 rooms. The Sharon Archive describes the bungalows’ structure as “[…] a truncated octahedron. It is composed of four hexagonal walls, alternating with four triangular elements, and a square roof panel. Easy to assemble, it’s almost spherical shape combines strength and economic sensibility, making heating and cooling requirements less expensive. It also provides better air circulation. The bungalow is entirely prefabricated, except for its cast concrete base. The panels are of fiberglass sandwich, with 2'' polyurethane foam insulation.”
In the photograph: General view of the beach at Sharem-El-Sheik with the fiberglass igloos of the Egged hotel in the foreground.

From Arieh and Eldar Sharon Archive