ISPADA Israeli Planning, Architecture and Development in Africa
Tahal Group
israel | Since 1952
Tahal Group is a leading global provider of sustainable infrastructure development projects in developing countries worldwide. Leveraging proven international experience, expert know-how and extensive industry partnerships, Tahal implements cost-effective solutions that meet and exceed client requirements. Tahal uniquely delivers integrated development projects in the water, wastewater, agriculture, solid waste and natural gas segments. Since its establishment in 1952, Tahal has successfully implemented hundreds of projects for governments, municipalities, public organizations and private corporations in over 60 countries worldwide. Tahal has been active in Africa since 1960. The issues of safe water, food security and a healthy environment are at the top of Africa’s current agenda. Tahal addresses these and other challenges by offering sustainable integrated solutions in the water and agricultural sectors. Tahal has carried out dozens of projects in over ten countries across the continent. The company’s efforts, including training, technology transfer, capacity-building and institutional strengthening, have created job opportunities, generated income in rural areas, and reduced migration to urban areas.

From Tahal website.