ISPADA Israeli Planning, Architecture and Development in Africa
Arch. Chaim Heinz Fenchel
Fenchel Archive
israel | 1906-1988
Chaim Heinz Fenchel was born in 1906 in Berlin, Germany. He studied architecture in Berlin and worked as a set designer at UFA studios in Germany, France, Czechoslovakia, Scandinavia, etc. He immigrated to Palestine in January 1937. In Palestine/Israel he worked as an architect and interior designer. He did shops, coffee houses, villas and hotels ( Dan Tel-Aviv, Dan Carmel Haifa, King David Jerusalem, etc.). Additionally he worked also in West Africa (Hotel Ivoire, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Hotel Ducor Palace, Liberia, etc.). He won the Rokach Prize in 1961 for his work on the French Library in Tel-Aviv.