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In the Land of Lobengulu, The King of Zulu By Nachum Gutman
Massada publishers Ltd, Ramat Gan
israel | 1939
This book from 1939 by Nahum Gutman - one of the most popular Israeli children's books - is based on the experiences of Gutman, who traveled to Africa and sent drawing and text to Isaac stable, the editor of the children's supplement of the newspaper "Davar". The first text- "I'm going to Africa" was printed in November 30, 1934 ("I'm going to Africa"- Davar for Children- November 30, 1934)  Several years later, in 1939, the monthly letters become the base for the book "In the Land of Lobengulu, The King of Zulu". The book "reveals a clear colonial fantasy at the core of the 1930s Hebrew culture" (Bar Yosef, 2002: 116) and can be understood in the context of the the construction of the narrative of an imagined common destiny, binding together African de-colonization and the desire to construct a de-colonized rationale for the Zionist project.
Eitan Bar-Yosef, 2013. A Villa in the Jungle: Africa in Israeli Culture, Van Leer Jerusalem Institue/ Hakibbuttz Hameuchad Publishing House.