ISPADA Israeli Planning, Architecture and Development in Africa
"A Seed of White Corn"
Yehuda Ben-David
IDF's Ma'arakhot publishing house
mali | 1967
 "Israeli activities in Africa and the prolific advocacy of our achievements in agricultural development, in irrigation, in subduing the wilderness and in solving the social problems caused by immigration absorption - all these convince our African friends that there is nothing we cannot accomplish" (Ben-David, 1967: 227).“A Seed of White Corn” was written by Yehuda Ben-David, the first Israeli ambassador to the republics of Senegal and Mali, which for a short period were subjected to an independent-federal regime. The book provides an opportunity to learn about the daily lives of Israeli envoys to Africa, their racializing gaze, their faith in and identification with their mission, and the promotion of "the development syndrome". This perception is reflected in the title of the book, A Seed of White Corn, which encapsulates the narrative of the involvement of "white" Israel as a significant actor in agricultural development, as well as the construction of Israel's image as a modern state and aid provider.