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Pres. David Dacko Visiting the Municipality Building in Kiryat Gat
Moshe Pridan- Government Press Office- D793-019
central african republic | 1962
David Dacko, the President of the Central African Republic, explained in a press conference following his visit to Israel in June 1962:
"This journey gives more hope to our project for the liberation of the Central African Republic; we are trying – all together – to take out our country from the darkness that it was downfallen for hundreds of years and to raise it to the level of all modern nations, while we still want to preserve our fathers' tradition[…] The reception [in Israel] was so natural and warmhearted and in the first twenty-four hours we could appreciate the kindness of the Jewish people[…] After a thousand of years of oppression[…] and especially after the last World War, the Jewish people, or to be accurate, the survivors of the Jewish people, learned a lesson in the framework of the Zionist movement."

 Source: IDFA 1508\93\291, "Press conference of the President of the Central African Republic, Mr. David Dacko" (June 1962).

In the photograph President of the Central Aafrican Republic David Dacko visiting the municipality building in Kiryat Gat,
presenting the Lakhish Regional Plan.