ISPADA Israeli Planning, Architecture and Development in Africa
Tembel Hat in the Jungle
Gurit Exlered
Am Oved, Tel Aviv
nigeria | 1964
Published in 1964, the book Tembel Hat in the Jungle  describes the journey of the author Gurit Axelroad - an independent, adventurous, friendly "Sabra" – visiting her brother who, like many other Israelis, worked as a development specialist in East Nigeria. The book specifies Axelroad's adventures in the form of a travelogue, seasoned with letters addressed to Shosh and Motke, her friends in Israel. Attempting to reach her brother, situated in an East Nigerian farm heroically located at a remote and isolated spot, she writes:If you think it's easy to get to Africa – you are wrong![…] Geographically, the distance I've travelled wasn't long. Only 6,500 kilometers separate between Lod and Port Harcourt, at the southern edge of Nigeria […] However, emotionally the distance is far greater: I was hurled into a totally different world, a bizarre green world of strange plants, people and customs, and in terms of time it was also a huge distance – I went back to an era of some 2,000-odd years ago (Axelroad, 1964: 7-8).