ISPADA Israeli Planning, Architecture and Development in Africa
Prefabricated Houses for the Sahara Project
Yona Fridman
israel | 1954
During the 1950’s, architect Yona Friedman - a member of "Team Ten" that rebelled against the founding fathers of modern architecture and town planning – rejected the modern authoritative town planning that viewed space as a static object. His alternative theoretical suggestion was to treat planning as an experimental process in which users' needs are a central component (Zandberg, 2009). One solution he proposed in this spirit for the residential problem of developing countries, including Israel and its immigrant communities, involved the use of concrete cylindrical tubes. The "Sahara Project" (1953) was a prototype designed to address such a problem, and in Friedman's mind it was also relevant to the Israeli case, since "the National Water Carrier pipes are ready-made residential infrastructure" (an interview with Yona Friedman, 15 Nov. 2010).